FCF Bible School

Faith Christian Fellowship has an accredited Bible School that is offered through AFCMITC. This online course consists of approximately 57 courses packaged in a six module program that will provide instruction in principles of faith and biblical studies, as well as training for domestic and/or international ministry. Modules are video based and students will meet once a week to discuss the current module. You will be able to watch and learn on your own time throughout the week. The cost is $200. per module.

Our goal is to raise up ministers through discipleship and the weekly application of the knowledge and understanding which students gain from the word of God. Our desire is to provide every student with the tools necessary to fulfill the call of God on their lives and to equip them to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. The faculty of AFCMITC includes experienced ministers of the gospel and practicing pastors, itinerant ministers, and missionaries.

Why choose FCF Bible School?

  • FCF provides a local Bible school for many students who cannot leave home, jobs or family to attend school
  • FCF provides a disciplined structure to rightly divide the Word of God
  • Spiritual growth through anointed teaching
  • Changed lives
  • Leadership training
  • A sense of family and camaraderie
  • Students gain confidence and experience personal growth

FCF Bible School
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